Genie 2

The Genie 2 is easy to use, offers more storage and enhances the DVR functions. Genie 2 provides DIRECTV customers with:

- Models: HS17 -
- Integrated Mobile DVR functionality -
- Built in Wireless Access Point -
- 7 simultaneous video streams (2 in 4K) -
- DVR Storage capacity of 2TB -


The Genie changed the DVR Game, It enchances user experience with Whole-Home DVR and now features a new UI:

- Models: HR44/HR54 -
- HR54 model can utilize (1) 4K stream -
- 1TB DVR Storage Capacity -
- Works with Wireless and Wired Minis -
- 5 Built-in Tuners -

DIRECTV Genie Lite
Genie Lite

The Genie Lite has most of the same features as the Genie, except the hard drive. Add the HHDVR Kit to gain features:

- Models: H44 -
- Add HDDVRK Kit for DVR Features -
- 1TB DVR Storage with HDDR Kit -
- Works with Wireless and Wired Minis -
- 5 Built-in Tuners -

DIRECTV Genie Mini
Genie Mini

Available in 3 distinct models allowing for wireless connectivity, 4K video streaming or standard Genie HD DVR features:

- Models: C61/C61K/C61W -
- Extends Genie features to other rooms -
- Uses 1 Tuner from Genie -
- Small size makes it easily concealable -


Gives users all the great features of the Genie sans Genie Minis and features 2 Tuners. More affordable than Genie:

- Models: HR24 -
- HD DVR with 2 Tuners -
- On Demand Available -
- 500GB DVR Storage Capacity -


If you don't need DVR or On Demand functionality then the HD is a good fit for you. Great for RVs and Camping:

- Models: H25 -
- HD Receiver with 1 Tuner -
- Can view recordings from HR24 -
- Small size in comparison to DVR models -

2018-Q2 Special Offer:

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