Bulk Internet Services

Including Internet as an amenity is quickly becoming the new normal. Tenants now care more about having access to high-speed internet and Wi-Fi than in-room laundry. This is according to a recent survey reported by Comcast. The survey asked building managers, owners, and developers of multi-family properties to rank the importance of rental amenities to apartment dwellers. 89% of respondents cited technology as an important factor in a renter's decision to renew or sign a lease. 59% ranked high-speed internet access and Wi-Fi as the most important amenity. While only 13% said in-room laundry. The popularity of streaming services such as Netflix , Amazon, and others helps explain why. And with every major telecom from AT&T to T-Mobile getting into the streaming game, it is only just getting started. Today's rental demographic is more online and more connected than ever. Smart owners and managers are using Pango Solutions to shop for bandwidth and install a customized internet soltuion for their tenants. They are capturing a great new source of revenue instead of watching someone else tap into this opportunity.


When you are looking to get setup with Bulk Internet for your property there are a few key differences when compared to traditional Internet service to be aware of. The first is Bandwidth. Properties will need to purchase a bandwidth plan that will be shared by all of the tenants. While traditional Internet services offer their packages by "speed", this is really a poor way explain what you are getting. Speed is really just the maximum download speed. It is generally not guaranteed, and rarley performs to the standard they claim. The maximum speed is also very rarley actually utilized. Bulk Internet Bandwidth is purchased in a block instead. For example Property A purchases 1Gig of bandwidth. They have 100 Units at the property that get to share the 1Gig of "speed", now you are thinking that can't possibly be enough. That is where Pango comes in with our Internet Management Service to fairly distribute the bandwidth and give your tenants a fast, reliable connection. Every unit will be guaranteed a minimum download speed of 10Mb and Maximum of 1Gb.

Internet Management

With Pango's smart routing technology the purchased bandwidth will be fairly distributed to each unit to guarantee a minimum download speed. The minimum is never really what a tenant will see, as every tenant is not using their connection to the fullest potential at the same time. Infact most tenants utilize less than 10% of their alotted bandwidth at any given time. The spare bandwidth not in use is then routed to the units that need it the most. Say unit 101 is trying to download a large file, when the computer begins to download the file our smart routing system analyzes the bandwidth availability and determines that only 300Mb is currently being utilized. The system then routes all of the remaining 700Mb to unit 101. This results in a very quick download for unit 101 and the rest of the building is continuing their use without any interuption. The system is smart and will allocate bandwidth where it is needed the most all while ensuring that every resident has their absolute minimum speed covered at all times.

Pango: The One-Stop Shop

When you go with Pango Solutions for your Bulk Internet needs we support you through the entire process from bandwidth aquisition to technical support for tenants after the service is installed. We work with every bandwidth provider in the country and do the shopping for you so that you get the most bandwidth for the least amount of money. We guide you through the hoops and technical jargen to get the proper site surveys and construction work completed the right way. Once we have selected a Bandwidth Provider and have the service installed to the building, we install all of the hardware required to efficiently route the new services to the units. Next we configure the service levels (bandwidth plans) and setup each unit with its own IP address and Wi-Fi router. Each unit is independantly firewalled along with the entire building's connection. The system is protected from outside hacking and malicious attacks by a smart firewall that will alert us to any attempted attacks so that we can take action and block them from attempting again. Once the service is installed and your tenantss are using the service there are bound to be occasional technical support issues. Pango handles all techical support phone calls and even on-site service for the tenants. We truly are a one-stop shop for your bulk internet needs. Give us a call today to discuss how we can assist you in your transistion to bulk internet.

Pango Wireless AC Router
Wireless AC Routers
Receives the end users connection. Supplies ethernet and Wi-Fi to each Unit and powers community Wi-Fi network.
Mutli-port distribution ethernet switch
Distribution Switch
Distributes the raw Internet connection throughout the building to the units or to other switches.
Pango Smart Fiber Router
Municiple Grade Router
Accepts the Fiber Connection from the ISP and routes the bandwidth to the building distribution switches.

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