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Pango Billing Support:

Get help with everything billing related here. Pango Support is available for current customers and clients only. Please use the form on this page to request addional support from a Pango representative. Additonally you may call 866-956-6673 and follow the prompts for billing support.

Pango Billing FAQs:

Although you sign up for services through with Pango, we don't bill directly for most services. The service provider ie. DIRECTV or CenturyLink will bill you for your monthly services. The only payments collected directly by and billed by Pango are Warranty Plans, Labor Costs and Activation Fees.

Pango Solutions has billed your card for an amount due. There are multiple reasons that your card may have been charged. If you recently signed up with DIRECTV service, Had a technician come to your home for a Service Call or Recently moved your DIRECTV service to an address serviced by Pango, it is most likely a fee related to this. If it is a charge for $10 or less this would most likely be for a monthly warranty plan subscription.

If a charge has appeard on your credit or debit card that you do not beleive to be a valid charge, please first contact us by phone at 866-956-6673 and follow the prompts for Billing to discuss the charges and verify their validity. If you still would like to dispute the transaction after speaking with a representative; Please submit a dispute in writing to:

Pango Solutions Inc.
Attn: Billing Disputes
155 E Boardwalk Dr, #517
Fort Collins, CO 80525

You may cancel your warranty plan from Pango Solutions at any time. Just call 866-956-6673 and follow the prompts for billing to speak with a representative. There may be a cancellation fee if you received a subsidy from Pango for signing up with the warranty plan. Examples for subsidies provided inlcude:

- Discounted or Waived Installation Fees
- Discounted or Waived Service Call Fess
- Discounted or Waived Activation Fees

There may be other circumstances that would lead to a cancellation fee for warranty plans. Please view our full policies related to warranty plans and cancellation fees - here -.

If you no longer have DIRECTV service or have moved outside of our service area, you will need to inform us to stop billing you for the warranty plan. Please provide us notice within 30 days of your move to avoid unnecessary charges to your card. We only guarantee 1 month be refunded if sufficiant notice is not given.

While Pango would like to always provide our customers with the billing options that they prefer we are not always able to fulfil every request. As of June 2017 Pango Solutions has stopped all paper billing in an effort to lessen paper waste and protect our environment. As an alternative to paper billing we offer email billing.

Auto-Pay is not a requirement but does save your time and money. If you prefer to pay your bill via check or money order a $2 surcharge is added to your monthly billing amount, please note that we do not accept 3rd party checks. Additionally Returned Checks will be billed at $45 per instance.

If you do opt for Auto-Pay which is the default payment method for warranty plans unless you request other arrangments. You card on file will be billed on the 1st of each month. You will receive an email confirmation of your payment after it has processed. For more details please view or policies regarding warranty plans - here -


DIRECTV will generally process your first bill within 10 days of your installation. Your first bill will be due within 3-20 days. Once you receive your first bill, this will become your regular billing date.

Depending on the type of account you will usually need to contact DIRECTV to make changes that involve your billing, including adding or removing channels. Call DIRECTV at 800-531-5000 or make changes to your account online at directv.com

If you live at a property where you receive a base package from DIRECTV included in your rent, you may contact Pango for more information about how to upgrade or downgrade your package.

If you live at a property serviced exclusivly by Pango for DIRECTV services, you should never be billed for the DIRECTV Protection Plan. This is a service only offered to commerical and residential customers. Call DIRECTV at 800-531-5000 and ask them to remove this service from your account.

Pango offers a warranty plan to replace the DIRECTV Protection Plan at properties we service and it is only $6/mo. Contact a representative at 866-956-6673 to add the warranty plan to your account.

Some of DIRECTV's promotions require that you stay on Auto-Pay. Most of the time these discounts range from $5-10/mo.

While it is not required to be on Auto-Pay to continue receiving your DIRECTV service, it may be getting you a discount that you would otherwise lose. Pango always recommends that our customers use Auto-Pay. It saves you time and money and avoids service disruptions!

There are many ways you can pay your bill with DIRECTV. They make it easy to pay with a variety of payment options.

- Pay your bill online at Directv.com

- Pay by phone at 800-531-5000

Mail a check or money order (check your bill for the address to send your payment)

Western Union, using your account number and "DIRECTVUT" for the city code

MoneyGram, using your account number, "DIRECTV" for the company name and "15703" for the city code

CenturyLink Billing FAQs

Your first bill from CenturyLink will normally arive around 30 days from your activation date.

Your first bill from CenturyLink will often include any installation fees, modem purchase price, shipping & handling, activation fees, etc. Your normal quoted price will resume on month two unless you chose to have your upfront fees split up over the first 3 months.

If you have long distance phone service you are likley being charged, Federal, State and Local Taxes. This can sometimes range up to 20% of the cost of your phone service. CenturyLink billing would be happy to explain the charges to you.

If your Internet Only bill is abnormally high, it is possible there may be a late fee or other fee that may need looked into by CenturyLink. Give CenturyLink a call to discuss your bill details at (877) 348-9004.

The short answer is no. However you may be receiving a discount for being enrolled in automatic bill payment. Please check with CenturyLink directly to ask if you are receiving an auto bill pay discount and to remove or add this service on your account.

CenturyLink provides multiple easy ways to pay your bill.You can pay your bill online, by phone, mail, or autopay.

- Pay online using QuickPay

- Pay online using My CenturyLink

- Pay by Phone at (800) 244-1111

Mail a check or money order (check your bill for the address to send your payment)

Support Request Form

Please use this form to request a call back or email as it relates to a billing issue.

A support ticket will be created and a representative will get back to you soon.