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Pango Technical Support:

Get help with everything technical support related here. Pango Support is available for current customers and clients only. Please use the form on this page to request addional support from a Pango representative. Additonally you may call 970-658-8883 and follow the prompts for the product you need support with.

Pango Technical Support FAQs:

If you are a customer of Pango Solutions we provide online and phone support free of charge. If a technician visit is required a service call fee will normally apply unless you subsribe to our EWP (extended warranty plan) or PWP (premium warranty plan). Please ask a representative about signing up for a warranty plan.

We offer 24/7 technical support for our PWP (premium warranty plan) subscribers. Subscribers of the EWP (extended warranty plan) or those not subscribed to any warranty can receive technical support during our regular support hours 9am - 9pm Mountain 7 Days a week. You can contact support any of the following ways:

- Chat with us online using the Facebook Chat feature on the bottom right of your page.

- Call us at 970-658-8883 and listen to the prompts for the product you need support with.

- Submit a Support Ticket using the form at the bottom of this page.

Pango offers technical support all of the products that we sell to some extent. Some services such as CenturyLink are better handled by CenturyLink technical support as they have full access to your account and the settings on you modem/router.

Pango Internet technical support is handled by Pango. Please call the number listed on your modem for the fastest response or use the Facebook Chat Feature on this page.

All DIRECTV technical issues are handled by Pango, you must call Pango for technical problems with your DIRECTV service. If chat or phone support is unsuccessful a technician will need to be sent out to repair your service, Pango is the only company authorized to dispatch technicians to the property you live in.


All DIRECTV receivers have a red reset button. The button is on the front right side of the receiver or inside of an access door on the front right of the receiver. To reset just push and release the button. Your screen should change black then blue with a message notifying you that your receiver is starting up. If you cannot find the button you can unlug the receiver from power for 5-10 seconds instead.

Performing a receiver reset is the first troubleshooting step that you can try and will fix many problems that you may have. Please attempt a reset before calling in to technical support.

Error 775 means that your receiver is not communicating with the satellite. There are a few different reasons that this may happen. If you have a power inserter in your unit please make sure that it is still plugged into power. The power inserter is a small black or grey box connected to power on one end and 1 or 2 coaxial cables on the other.

If your unit does not have a power inserter or if the power inserter is plugged in, please try performing a receiver reset.

Keep in mind that if there is currently severe weather in your area that your signal may be affected by this. If your property is not equiped with antenna heaters, snow or ice may build up on the antenna and impede the signal. Please wait for the storm to pass or check with a neighbor to see if their service is working. If it is only your unit experiencing signal issues please contact technical support.

If these steps do not restore your service or you need additional assistance please contact technical support.

Error 771/772 means that your satellite signal is low or blocked or that you are not subscribed to the channel. Please verify that you are not trying to access a channel that you are not subscribed to.

Next perform a receiver reset.

If these steps do not restore your service please contact technical support.

If your TV is displaying a message that says "No Signal" it is most likely your TV displaying the error, Not the DIRECTV system. Please try pushing the GUIDE or MENU buttons on your DIRECTV Remote. If a menu does not display on your screen after pushing one of these buttons, then you have most likely changed the input or source setting on your TV.

You will need to change the input on your TV back to the correct one for the DIRECTV signal to display on your screen. Most televisions have a button on the side or bottom of the screen to switch the "input" or "source". You may also be able to use a button on your TVs factory remote control to switch the input.

If you have a High-Definition TV (flat screen). The correct input for your DIRECTV system will most likely be labeled HDMI 1. Please try to select each of the HDMI Inputs until your picture comes back, also verify that your DIRECTV receiver is turned on and that the blue lights on the front are lit up.

If you are having difficulties and still need help please contact technical support.

If your DIRECTV receiver is not displaying channels that you beleive are included on your package, a setting may have been changed that is causing them to not display on your screen. Please check that the channel is on your package and that you are not using a Favorites List.

Your Favorites List can be accessed by pushing the INFO button on your DIRECTV Remote Control. Next use the right arrow to scroll over to the Favorites option. Next make sure that "All Channels" or "My Channels" is selected.

If your Favorites list is selected correctly and you are still not receiving your channels please perform a receiver reset.

If these steps do not restore your channels, please contact technical support.

CenturyLink Support FAQs

Your activation date is generally 3-5 days from when you place your order. It can be as soon as the next day and as late as 10 days though depending on how busy CenturyLink is with activations.

If you opted for a Self Installation Kit your modem will arrive via USPS or UPS the day before or the day of your activation. Please look at the sheet in the envelope that comes in the box for the exact date and time when you service will be active.

If you have a technician installation scheduled your service will be active after the technican visits your residence and hooks up your service. Visit the Where's My Technician Page for more info on when your tech will arive.

If your service is already activated and the DSL Light on the Modem is Yellow your modem is not configured for service yet. Please open Internet Explorer and Click on the Home Page button to pull up the CenturyLink activation screen. Follow the steps on your screen to activate your modem. If the activation page does not show up, contact CenturyLink Technical Support for assistance.

If your DSL Light is Red, there may be a problem with the configuration of the modem or even the wiring outside you home. Contact CenturyLink Technical Support for help with this issue. Call 877-348-9005 to speak with a CenturyLink Representative.

If your Internet Light is Red and you have had active service for some time then it is possible that there is an outage in your area. If you are not current on your bill your service may have been suspended. Both of these issue can cause a Red Internet Light on active service

If you have not yet activated your modem and are just now setting up your service, it is normal for the Internet Light to be Red until the service is activated. Once you activate your modem the Internet Light should turn Green.

You can check if there is an outage in your area or if CenturyLink is able to connect to your modem by visiting the Service Troubleshooter Page.

Contact CenturyLink Technical Support for additoinal help with this issue. Call 877-348-9005

If your connection is running slower than the speed you pay for or just feels slower than it should be, you can reset your modem to possibly fix the issue. Unplug your modem from power for a minimum of 60 seconds. While your modem is unplugged make sure the dsl cable is plugged in to the wall and modem securly. Try removing the conection from the both end and reconnecting them. Plug the power back in and see if your speed is running faster after the modem reboots. If you need more assistance with this issue please visit ctlhelp.com and run a speed test. Follow any troubleshooting steps listed on CenturyLink's site. Alternatively contact CenturyLink Technical Support by phone at 877-348-9005.

If you are using the default SSID and Password, the modem will have a sticker on the bottom or side. SSID is the name of the network that you will connect to. It is generally listed as CenturyLink____. The Password is marked as Key/passphrase and is a very long alpha-numeric password. Keep in mind the Key/passphrase is CASE sensitive. Enter it exactly as it apears.

If this SSID and Password do not work or if the SSID is not showing up when you look for Wifi Networks, the defualts may have been changed. Please contact CenturyLink Technical Support for more help with this issue at 877-348-9005.

Support Request Form

Please use this form to request a call back or email as it relates to a billing issue.

A support ticket will be created and a representative will get back to you soon.